Forever Yours, Agnes

WWII Love Letter Jewelry

About the artist

Photography by:McKenzie Humphreys

Photography by:McKenzie Humphreys

In 2010, freelance television producer, Meghan Coomes, had just started a new gig & had begun traveling weekly on a show for Country Music Television (CMT). Becoming increasingly homesick after each passing week, she had an idea that would help mitigate that homesickness.

Meghan, along with her sisters & cousins, had grown up hearing the whirlwind, wartime love story of their grandparents, Thomas & Agnes Coomes.  So, she decided to asked her grandma if she could use one of their WWII love letters to create an “everyday” bracelet, so she would have her family “with her” while away. From then on, a simple, yet stately, bracelet joined her on every flight. Later that year, after bidding farewell to the Nantucket Island beaches, she found herself back in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. That’s when she decided to take on a project of a different kind. After nearly 70 years spent in an old, brown sack, Meghan decided to gather some of the dust-covered letters & immortalize those words in the form of this jewelry line, “Forever Yours, Agnes."  In doing so, their grandparents' memory & steadfast love can not only be a part of their thoughts, but a tangible part of people's everyday semblances, as well. “Forever Yours, Agnes” not only reflects her grandparents' love story, but that of a generation of lovers who were separated during a world war.